Remembering Pastor Sid Harms

Last week my former colleague and friend Pastor Sid Harms passed away after a long battle with cancer.

One of my first memories of ALCF was a message Pastor Sid gave in 2008 about his ongoing cancer struggle. It moved me because it was raw, realistic, and honest. When I came on staff later that year I was not quite sure how to approach him, which is when I learned that he had a wicked sense of humor. (I don’t remember the exact exchange, but I believe it had something to do with him having fewer internal organs.)

Working with Pastor Sid was always a joy. He was always kind, gracious, and honest. It was his honesty that impacted me the most. When he was having a bad day he didn’t try to hide it. Yet even on those bad days he carried himself with grace, and remained concerned with the needs of others.  He and his wife Christine continued to diligently serve even as his condition went through peaks and valleys. Their faith was neither blind nor pessimistic, but it was always evident.

Whenever Sid or Christine had a last minute media request, I would get a phone call or email with the word “bribe” in it. However if I was not able to accommodate, they were never upset. Sid came up with lots of interesting ideas to promote his ministry events, such as his Steve Jobs impersonation or dressing up as a full-on mime. It was always fun, and I greatly appreciated how thoughtful Sid and Christine were when working with our team.

I would often pop in on them after one of the “Mom’s Time Out” events to catch up and see how they were doing, and offer a hand if I could. When I was around Sid and Christine, I could not help but learn something from them…. and/or laugh. I am grateful for their example and their friendship, and my thoughts and prayers are with Christine and their family.

A memorial service will be held Saturday March 3rd at 11am at ALCF. For more information, as well as how to provide condolences and support for Christine, visit