What’s to come…

I realized tonight that it has been over three years since my last post: coinciding with my time in seminary. Over the past 3.5 years many things have changed in my life, and yet many things have remained the same. I have been working intently over the past few months on renewing and relaunching this site as something new… yet remaining true to my initial vision. Here are a few things that will be coming in the next 2-4 months:

  • The primary focus of this site will be to function as a blog. The content will vary between theological discussion, practical issues, and random musings. I have been working on a large amount of content, along with revisions of older material. I have not decided exactly how I will roll out this new material, but will make more details known in the next few weeks. I am also working on cross-promoting content, most likely with the Medium platform as well as the standard social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube).
  • The subtitle of this site (and alternate URL) is “thoughts in grayscale.” This is not just a clever title, but a project I have been developing with some friends over the past four years. It reflects a tone and primary viewpoint for all of the content that will appear on the site, illustrated by a video project that will appear here (and on my Youtube channel) in the near future. Look forward to it!
  • I also plan to launch a podcast in the coming weeks, covering a variety of content and subjects related to life and faith, culture and creativity. The initial content will be available here and on iTunes.

For any questions contact me via the “contact” form (or via Twitter). I hope to create something here that will be a positive influence, and in the future I am looking to foster community through dialog and shared experiences across various backgrounds and perspectives.